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We are located in Santa Fe Springs, California. With years of experience and expertise in the bedding industry, we can offer a wide selection of pillows and custom comfort products.


Luxury Comfort Redefined

Welcome to the world of unparalleled comfort and relaxation. At Five Star Pillow Co., we have redefined the art of pillow craftsmanship, combining innovation, quality, and luxury to create the perfect pillows for your ultimate sleep experience. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you’ll enjoy a restful sleep night after night, making every moment of rest a five-star experience. Discover the magic of Five Star Pillow Co. and elevate your sleep to a whole new level.

What We Offer

Made to Order

Each one of our pillows is made to order, we offer the capability to produce thousands of units per day, to help you reach your business goals.

Wide Selections of Shapes

We can manufacture several different styles, from Queen, King, Standard, Bolster, Neck, and Lumbar.

Fast Production Times

We are a high volume manufacturer that offers a Quick turn around, to make sure you get the product you want when you need it.

Why Choose us

Made in America

We take great pride in our American-made pillows and the high level of quality control that comes along with them.


We are able to manufacture thousands of pillows per day, to meet your needs and help scale your business.

Private labeling

We offer private labeling, to help jump-start your brand so you can leave the manufacturing to us.


All of our products contain certified flexible polyurethane foam.

The Five star Experience

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If you are looking for a quote or want to find out more ways we can help you and your business meet your goals please feel free to contact us.

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