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We are located in Santa Fe Springs, California. With years of experience and expertise in the bedding industry we can offer a wide selection of pillows.

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Our Specialties

Made to Order

Each one of our pillows are made to order, we offer the capability to produce thousands of units per day, to help you reach your business goals.

Fast Production Time

We are a High volume manufacturer that offers a Quick turn around, to make sure you get the product you want when you need it.

Wide selection of Shapes

We are able to manufacture a number of different styles, from Euro,King Square, Bolster, Neckroll, lumbar and standard.


Each pillow is hand made, and double checked by our quality control experts before every shipment.

How We Started

Making Pillows

Humble Beginings

Five Star Pillow Co started out like many modern companies, inside a garage. We aren’t Apple or Amazon but we did have the same motivation. To create a product and become a leader within our industry. Pillows might not be the most high-tech innovation but it is something that everyone uses every single night. Imagine a world without pillows? What would you sleep on? How would you have a pillow fight?

We take great pride in what we do, this is a family business. Our expertise and quality manufacturing have led use to be able to run a state of the art production plant, to create pillows for some of the biggest names in the industry and to be respected by our peers. All of this has come with years of hard work, quality and the willingness to innovate and expand on what we do.

Hand Built Company Hand Crafted Products

We make every pillow with care and quality. If we don’t sleep on it we don’t expect you too. Every pillow is hand crafted in the United States, with quality that you will be able to pass on to your customers.

We built this company from the ground up and hand crafted every pillow since 2010, we have been making a dent on the pillow industry by raising the standards of quality and production.

Becoming one of the leading pillow manufacturers

From humble beginnings to using the most advanced technology we have been able to grow to meet the demand of our customers. We use some of the best filling and packing machines along with custome made equipment.

Quality Comes First

Our focus is and always will be on quality. We still hand craft each one of our components, and prepare each and every pillow by a real person, which helps eliminate defects and ensure that every pillow is held to a FIVE STAR standard.


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We are able to manufacture thousands of pillows per day, to meet your needs and help scale your business.

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Made in USA

We take great pride in our American made pillows, and our high level of quality control that comes along with it.


Private Labeling

We offering private labeling, to help jump start your brand so you can leave the manufacturing to us.


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